About the Research

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Welcome to our blog, ‘Building Hinduism’, where we talk about our on-going research into Hindu buildings in England.  We will regularly blog from each of our research sites, sharing reflections on the meaning and significance of these buildings for Hindu communities.

Over the life of the project, we plan to visit 20+ different buildings, alongside running an online survey that will be open to all Hindu communities in England.  The results of the research project will be written up into a report for Historic England and also into an academic journal article.  We will also use this blog to publicise our research findings.

This research has been funded by Historic England in order to increase their knowledge of minority faith buildings in England.  Historic England exist to preserve the heritage of buildings and sites across the country, and you can find out more on their website: https://historicengland.org.uk/

As well as our reflections (which will include our academic musings, too) we will be sharing some of the photographs we are taking as we travel around the country, visiting buildings large and small, old and new, renovated and purpose-built, in rural and urban locations.

Hindu buildings in the English context are under-researched, but provide a fascinating lens through which to view the development of Hindu communities on these shores.  The most recent census data indicates that the Hindu population in England and Wales is increasing, having grown from 558,342 in 2001 to 816,633 in 2011. This highlights the importance of understanding how members of this sizeable diasporas engages with religious buildings. 

This research is part of a larger research project that the team has been commissioned to undertake by Historic England. Click here if you want to find out more about earlier project for Historic England ‘Building Buddhism’. Our current research also involves visiting Jain buildings  and we plan to link some blog posts about Jainism in England to this blog.




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